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About Me

My name is Erich Schuler and I am a copywriter and social media strategist with a love for entertainment. Some of the things I’ve done:

  • Created a partnership between IGDA and Nintendo out of thin air
  • Written articles for, a huge gaming news outlet
  • Lived  in Japan for 16 months to study games localization, Japanese language, and Japanese culture
  • Helped create social media campaigns and live content for an award-winning comic Kamikaze which resulted in funding their 2nd Kickstarter
  • Strategize social media and publicity campaigns to launch a puzzle game at E3, the world’s premier trade event for the video game industry

I have provided writing and social media work to Novy Unlimited, Moving Ink Media, IGN, VentureBeat, Gamasutra, and Zelda Universe. On top of my copywriting skills, I also do graphic design, photography, acting, and videography which helps me create quality content quickly at work.

In the past, I’ve helped manage the International Game Developers Association scholarship program, served as a board member for IGDA Atlanta, worked as an intern for the Consulate-General of Japan, and was the president of the Japan Club at Georgia Perimeter College—where I turned a dying organization into one of the most active on campus. While president, I helped raise funds for the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami and spoke at the Georgia Consortium of International Studies. Long story short: I was an overachieving nerd.

Outside of work, I’m a moderator at Momocon, a conference associate at the Game Developers Conference, and I am an extra in several TV shows and movies!

The fastest way to become friends with me is to catch Pokémon with me on Pokémon GO.

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