I specialize in games and have done social media strategy and content for various entertainment companies as well as game journalism for IGN. As a social media guru, I focus on building audiences with engaging and entertaining posts. Frequently, I monitor for social media insights to shape content and improve advertisements. I’ll also provide content guidance based on analytics.

Through the IGDA, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nintendo of America multiple times as a key liaison. The relationship I was able to build with Nintendo and the IGDA enabled students to get exclusive access to Nintendo’s booth at E3, Q&As with members of Nintendo Treehouse, and entrance into special events such as the 2015 Nintendo World Championships.

I’ve led the conversation between the IGDA Foundation and Nintendo to form an agreement to host a Mario Kart 8 tournament on behalf of IGDA Atlanta. Being the subject-matter expert for the tournament, I prepared social media content promoting the event, which was approved by Nintendo’s legal and business teams!

Freelance Writer & Nintendo Connoisseur